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Asthma Friendly Childcare Recognition

April 28, 2015

The Florida Asthma Coalition recently approved 23 Childcare Centers for Asthma-Friendly Recognition: 20 in Orange County, 2 in Osceola County, and 1 in Lee County. These Centers were recognized for taking the appropriate steps to provide better support to children with asthma. Three centers received Bronze level recognition for educating staff, increasing asthma awareness and taking steps to make their Head Start Centers more asthma-friendly.  Nine centers received Silver recognition and eleven centers received the highest level, Platinum recognition.

The Florida Department of Health in Orange, Osceola, Miami-Dade, Duval and Lee Counties in collaboration with, Lee Memorial Hospital, the Florida Department of Health Asthma Program and the American Lung Association in Florida have been working to help childcare centers become more Asthma-Friendly. The Asthma-Friendly Childcare Center Project is a local project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and endorsed and recognized by the Florida Asthma Coalition. This project provides the opportunity for ALL childcare center staff to receive free on-line training. 

Childcare Centers that participate in the Asthma Friendly Childcare project are better equipped to provide a comprehensive asthma management program for children with asthma enrolled at their childcare location. Some other project goals include: provide support to children and their families who are dealing with asthma, provide assistance to ensure children with asthma have an asthma action plan on file, provide asthma educational opportunities for parents and identifying, managing and controlling asthma triggers in the childcare setting.

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children under 18, affecting more than 6 million children in the United States. It is the leading cause of school absenteeism due to chronic disease. Each day in the United States, over 40,000 people miss school or work due to asthma. When a child misses school, a parent also misses work. 

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