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Florida Department of Health in Orange County Addresses County Health Rankings

March 15, 2018

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County recognizes the value in measuring health outcomes and today acknowledged the 2018 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps tool released by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This study highlights the many community factors that influence health and uses established data, much of which is available from the department at

“We are pleased to have improved in this year’s rankings going from 16 to 15,” said DOH-Orange Health Officer Dr. Kevin Sherin. “Based on the information in the rankings, there are areas of opportunities that we can improve on in the future such as child poverty and built environment. Through collaborative efforts with our community partners and Community Health Improvement Board, we will strive to address social determinants of health.” 

These rankings are a snapshot of the health of counties across the country and they emphasize that health is not a singular effort but a combined work in progress across all community partners. The department works in collaboration with local governments, non-profit organizations, health care facilities, business groups, schools, faith-based organizations and many other stakeholders to improve the health of all people in Orange County. These rankings use data related to physical environments, social and economic factors, health behaviors and clinical care. 

In Orange County, the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is designed to address specific opportunities for improved health that have been identified by the community. The department has partnered with many stakeholders to implement the CHIP and collaborates regularly to track progress.

Highlight areas in the 2018 rankings where progress was made when compared to the previous year were: Length of Life (#8 to #7 ranking), Quality of Life (#32 to #28), Health Factors (#20 to #19) Health Behaviors (#18 to #13) and Clinical Care (#29 to #23).

Tracy Swanson, West Orange Healthcare District Executive Director stated, “It is very encouraging to see this movement. There is much to be done and the West Orange Healthcare District, along with many partners, is committed to moving our ranking even further - until we are the healthiest community in the nation.”

Ray Larsen, Vice President for Collective Impact at the Heart of Florida United Way, said “Leadership Matters! Dr. Kevin Sherin and the Florida Department of Health in Orange County have brought the community together to create and implement a Community Health Improvement Plan. We are starting to see the results. It is important that we continue to work together as a community to improve our citizens’ health.” 

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