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Nurse Family Partnership

Healthy Start

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Pregnancy help for first time moms

Nurse-Family Partnership helps first-time moms, just like you, prepare for the birth of your child and gives you the support you need to achieve your heart's desire.

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a free, voluntary program that partners first-time moms with nurses. When you enroll in the program, a trained nurse will visit you in your home until your baby turns two years old.

If you have questions, your nurse will help answer them. Your nurse helps you have a healthy pregnancy, gives you coaching on child development and empowers you to pursue your heart's desire. Your nurse will always be there for you, so you can be there for your baby!

Every dollar invested in NFP can yield more than five dollars in return.

Program Goals

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve child health and development
  • Improve parents' economic self-sufficiency

Key Program Components:

  • First-time, at-risk mothers
  • Registered nurses
  • Intensive services (intensity, duration)
  • Focus on behavior
  • Program fidelity

Why Nurses?

  • Knowledge, judgment and skills
  • High levels of trust, low stigma
  • Credibility and perceived authority
  • Nursing theory and practice at core of original model     

Who can enroll in the program?

Any pregnant woman who:

  • Is less than 28 weeks gestation
  • Will be a first-time mother (first live birth)
  • Meets low income requirements, such as Medicaid or WIC eligible
  • Resides in designated zip codes in Orange County

 For more information on the National Nurse Family Partnership program visit:

There is a magic window during's a time when desire to be a good mother and raise a healthy, happy child creates motivation to overcome incredible obstacles including poverty, instability or abuse with the help of a well-trained nurse."
David Olds, Ph.D., Founder Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership