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School Health

School Health

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In cooperation with the Florida Department of Education, the School Health Services Program provides the services as described in "The School Health Services Act"  in Florida statute sections §381.0056, §381.0057, and §402.3026,  which enables County Health Departments to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws and mandates applicable to school health services for school age students.

In Orange County there is a partnership between the Florida Department of Health,Orange County Public Schools, the Florida Department of Education, and the Neighborhood Center for Families to minimize health barriers for school age students from Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  It is a component of the public health system that provides Basic, Comprehensive and Full health services to public school students. 

All 67 counties in Florida provide “Basic” school health services, including:

  • Preventative screenings and services
    • Health nursing assessments
    • First aid and emergency health services
    • Dental, Vision, Hearing, Scoliosis, Growth and Development screenings, referrals and follow up for required grades
    • Communicable disease prevention and intervention
    • Health counseling, referral, and follow-up of suspected or confirmed health problems
    • Individualized health care plan development, in-school care management for chronic and acute health conditions
    • Assistance with medication administration
    • Health care procedures for students with chronic or acute health conditions

In addition to provision of all Basic School Health services, some schools in Orange County also provide “Comprehensive” School Health Services as part of their commitment to the community, focusing on increased preventive services as described in the Florida statute, section §381.0057.  The goals outlined in the statute are to:

  • Promote learning and improved self-health care management
  • Connect students with professionals who provide interventions and health classes
  • Reduce high-risk behaviors and their consequences through support services, and referrals for:
    • Social and mental health
    • Substance abuse
    • Unintentional/ intentional injuries
    • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Provide pregnancy prevention classes and interventions and supporting student mothers so they can return to school after giving birth.

Moreover, there are some schools under the Florida Statute section §402.3026 that will also provide “Full-Service”, in addition to the basic school-based health services, this specialized schools will provide social services such as:  

  • Nutritional services
  • Economic and job placement services
  • Parenting classes
  • Counseling for abused children
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Adult education for parents

The goal of School Health services is to ensure that students are healthy, in school, and ready to learn.  Services are provided in accordance with a local School Health Services Plan jointly developed by the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, School Board of Orange County, and the School Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC).