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The reporting of active Tuberculosis (TB) cases is required by law under Florida Statutes Chapter 381 Public Health: General Provisions and Chapter 392 Tuberculosis Control.

A person has active Tuberculosis (TB) when either of the following occurs:

  • A culture specimen taken from any source has tested positive for Mycobacteria tuberculosis and the person has not completed an appropriate prescribed course of medications for tuberculosis disease, or
  • There is current radiologic, clinical, or laboratory evidence sufficient to establish a medical diagnosis of tuberculosis for which treatment is indicated and the person has not completed an appropriate prescribed course of medication for tuberculosis.

The Orange County Health Department is responsible for every Tuberculosis patient in their County, including those patients who are treated privately. Therefore, the Health Department MUST be notified by health care providers of all cases of TB. To report an active case of Tuberculosis (TB) call (407) 858-1446 and ask for the Surveillance Coordinator. For more information on reporting see the Florida Department of Health Reporting RequirementsNote:  If you want to stay on this page right click on the link and select "Open in new window".

Suspected Cases of Tuberculosis (TB)

A health care provider who has a patient that is a suspected case of Tuberculosis (TB) and who would like to receive some advice on how to optimally manage the patient, can call the Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic at 407-8581446. We are here to provide assistance and, if desired, take over the complete care of Tuberculosis (TB) patients.