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Eligibility Requirements

Florida Department of Health in Orange County


The Orange County Health Department provides preventive dental services to children that meet the following criteria:

  • Children ages 4 to 18 - fees based on a sliding scale
  • Children ages 4 to 20 receiving Medicaid
  • Must have Birth Certificate and / or court appointed legal guardianship for each eligible child.

Adult patients over the age of 20 with Medicaid needing emergency dental care may contact the Dental Clinic during normal hours of operation at 407-858-1478.

Family planning:

  • The Florida Department of Health in Orange County determines eligibility for women of child-bearing age who are interested in birth control methods.  Clients may be eligible for a Florida Medicaid Family Planning Waiver or a  sliding fee scale. 
  • Vasectomy Procedures for males over 21 years of age who are uninusred or underinsured.

You may elect to pay full fee instead of going through our eligibility screening process.

A small fee may apply.

Phone: 407-858-1487

Prenatal Care:

The  Family Planning Prenatal Care Eligibility Staff can  help you with your application for Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women  Medicaid. Please call Central Prenatal Express at  407-858-1487 or any of our four sites for an appointment or additional information.  Please review the required documents and Verification of income section to the  left and bring the supporting documents with you.

The  Florida Department of Health in Orange County Prenatal Care Health Centers also offers a Prenatal  Care Affordable Payment Option for those who do not qualify for Presumptive  Eligibility for Pregnant Women Temporary Medicaid or other Medicaid options.  The Prenatal Package is $1500.  This  option includes routine prenatal office visits and routine prenatal laboratory tests.

A payment plan  can be arranged. If you receive Medicaid coverage for the full term of your  pregnancy, you may qualify for a partial or full refund on payments made toward  this Prenatal Care Package.

The Central Prenatal Express and the offices at Lila Mitchell, Lake Ellenor and Eastside offer eligibility appointments Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.

Phone: 407-858-1487


To be eligible you must:

  • Be pregnant
  • Be breastfeeding
  • Have recently had a baby
  • Have an infant or a child under 5 years old
  • Have a low or moderate income
  • Have a special need that can be helped by WIC foods and nutrition counseling

Income Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the income eligibility requirements or be currently receiving medicaid, temporary cash assistance (TCA), or food stamps. However, you do not have to be on a public assistance program to qualify for WIC.

Eligibility Determination

Your eligibility determination will be made during the application process. Please make sure that you bring all family members applying and all the information required.

Phone: 407-858-1494