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Food Safety and Sanitation

Environmental Health Program

  •  407-858-1497


    407-228-1467 or 407-228-1468

    Mailing Address

    1001 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200 

    Orlando, FL 32803 


The Food Hygiene Program is designed to ensure that facilities regulated by the Florida Department of Health in Orange County serve food, beverages, and snacks in a safe and sanitary manner and minimize the occurrence of food related illness. There are 5 state agencies that license and regulate food service facilities.

  • Department of Health (see below)
  • Department of Business Regulation (inspects restaurants)
  • Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (inspects grocery stores and food outlets)
  • American Health Care Association (inspects Hospitals and Nursing Homes)
  • Department of Children and Families (inspects Child Care Centers)

The Department of Health regulates food service establishments as defined under Chapter 64E-11 of the Florida Administrative Code

These include:

  • Schools, Public & Private
  • Civic & Fraternal Organizations
  • Theatre Concessions
  • Group Residential Facilities
  • Bars and Lounges that do not prepare food
  • After School Meal Programs
  • Adult Day Care
  • Any secondary Food Service Operations on any of these sites including Vending Machines
  • Summer Feeding sites
  • Other limited food facilities not regulated by DBPR, DACS, AHCA or DCF.

The Department of Health also investigates suspected food borne illness cases in all establishments

Health, Safety and Sanitation Requirements

All change of ownership or new bars that do not serve food, assisted living facilities and schools must get approval from the Department of Health before operating.  Health, Safety and Sanitation requirements must be met in order to obtain approval from the Division of Environmental Health.  The online forms are located below for the requirements for each type of facility and need to be part of your plan review.

Furthermore the following paperwork needs to be part of your plan review:

  • A floor plan with all sinks and toilets marked
  • A water bill (if facility is serviced by Public Sewer) or an Existing System Review (if the facility is serviced by an Onsite Sewage System)  Note:  If you want to remain on this page right click on the link and select "Open in new window"

Please bring the entire plan review to:

1001 Executive Center Drive
Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32803

Food Borne Diseases

Our office receives complaints from citizens and reports from doctors concerning if an outbreak has occurred. Although a single isolated complaint is not enough to prove that an outbreak has occurred, it is important that it be reported. When combined with other isolated reports, we are often able to determine that an outbreak has occurred.

When necessary, a specialist from the Environmental Health Division of the local Health Department will conduct an onsite investigation of any facility where a suspected food borne or waterborne outbreak may have occurred. Samples may be gathered, the operation reviewed, and people questioned in order to determine the source of the disease and corrective action necessary to prevent further outbreaks from occurring.

If you think you have become ill from eating in a food service facility, report it to our office immediately by calling 407-858-1497 or go online where complaints can be filed following the links at the bottom of the page.