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Drinking Water

Environmental Health Program

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County regulates water systems such as commercial limited use and community limited use water systems. We also regulate private, monitoring, and irrigation well construction.

Community water supplies are regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection under the Florida Safe Drinking Water Act.

Call 407-858-1497 to discuss any problems you may be having with your drinking water. The best time to call is between 8:00am and 10:00am in the morning. We can advise on other problems such as odors and iron.

Limited Use Community & Commercial Water Systems

Limited Use Community and Commercial water supplies are regulated by the Department of Health in Orange County under Chapter 64E of the Florida Administrative Code. We monitor small community or commercial water systems usually serving less than 25 people.

An annual operating permit is required for these systems and you can find the application forms at Florida Health Limited Use Public Water Systems.

New systems must pass an initial 5 Sample Bacteriological Survey (PDF 18KB) and a lead and nitrate test. The annual renewal fee is $175. A bacteriological water sample test is included in the annual renewal fee.

Limited Use Commercial Public Water Systems serve one or more non-residential establishments and provide piped potable water from a well. This includes:

  • Businesses that have employees at the site (up to 25 employees)
  • Businesses that have public access

Limited Use Community Public Water Systems serve two or more rental residences or five or more non-rental homes. This could include:

  • Two or more rental houses connected to a single well
  • A rented duplex
  • An owner occupied triplex with two rental units in it
  • A mobile home park with two or more rental units
  • Five or more private single family residential units on one well
  • A home which rents two or more rooms or units

If your water system falls in one of the above categories, you must comply with these standards.

The following systems are exempt:

  • Four (4) or less non-rental (owner occupied) residential units on the same well
  • One owner occupied residential unit and one rental unit on the same well
  • Family owned business with no hired employees and not open to the public

Water Testing

We provide testing services for private wells for the following problems:

  • Bacteriological - where there is illness that might be attributed to the water supply. Homeowners who want routine testing of their well for bacteria must contact a private lab or bring a sample to our office for a $49 coliform bacteria testing fee and $44 for a Fecal Coliform. On newly permitted wells, a bacteriological water sample is included as part of the inspection fee.
  • EDB - Areas around old orange groves, nurseries, and golf courses sometimes have pesticide residues. Certain areas in north and west Orange County have been found with EDB contamination. You may call to see if your residence is located in one of the known areas and possible testing of your water supply.
  • Petroleum - Areas around gas storage tanks are sometimes found with petroleum contamination. Many areas have already been checked and others are yet to be tested. If you suspect gasoline contamination, call us for information about your area.
  • Lead/Nitrate - you may submit a water sample for testing to our office. The test results take 2 weeks to complete. $51 fee for Lead and a $62 fee for Nitrate.

Call 407-858-1497 to discuss any problems you may be having with your drinking water. The best time to call is between 8:00am and 10:00am in the morning. We can advise on other problems such as odors, calcium, and iron.

Well Permitting

Our office issues well drilling permits for all wells for domestic use (drinking & irrigation) and monitoring use which are less than 6 inches in diameter.

  • Permits cost $116 per well. Anyone having a well installed should use a well driller licensed by one of the Dept. of Environmental Protection Water Management Districts of Florida. The well driller should also apply for a Well Construction Permit located at the issued by our office or the local water management district before well construction has begun. 
  • Irrigation Well Permit/Monitoring Well Permit, Per well/Maximum of 10 $44 per well with a maximum of 10 for $440
  • Well Abandonment Fee $44 per well with a maximum of 10 for $440.

Most of Orange County is located in the St. Johns River Water Management District located at 975 Keller Rd., Altamonte Springs, FL  32714. You can contact them at 407-659-4800. 

Portions of southern Orange County are located in the South Florida Water Management District.