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Childhood Immunization


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Prior to entry, attendance or transfer to preschools, schools (K-12), licensed childcare facilities, and family daycare homes, each child shall have on file a Florida Certification of Immunization DH 680. For additional information please visit the Florida Health School Enrollment web pageNote: If you desire to stay on this page right click the link and select Open in new window.

Attention parents and guardians: Please bring your child's most recently updated immunization record and the parent's government issued ID with a recognizable photo, date of birth, and signature.

Do you need a copy of your child's vaccination record for school? Now you can download and print a PDF version for use at schools and child care centers. To learn how we have put together this handy guide: Parents 680 Form Retrieval Guide (PDF 366KB). Follow the instructions in the guide to download your child's shot record.

Shot Records

Parents are encouraged to check their student's shot records throughout the school year so they do not have to wait until July or August to have them immunized. The 7th grade shot can be given as early as 7 years old if there have been 5 years since the last DTAP. 

Recommended Chilhood Vaccines: 

Risks of Waiting to Immunize

  • Newborns, babies, and toddlers can be exposed to deadly diseases, possibly without your knowledge.
  • Their ability to fight off potentially deadly diseases is not fully developed.
  • Most vaccine preventable diseases have high incidence and mortality rates among infants and toddlers.
  • Children are the most vulnerable to disease and the least likely to have been previously exposed to infection.
  • Lapsing immunization rates are often responsible for epidemics.
  • Children who aren't immunized are more at risk for potential diseases than those that are.

International visitors from countries that don't vaccinate or where vaccination isn't routine can re-introduce vaccine preventable illnesses to our population, putting your unvaccinated child at risk.